About Us

Sarah Rodgers and Nicki Noden

Directors of Consultants in Therapy


Sarah Rodgers


Nicki Noden

Sarah and Nicki have worked together since 2001, primarily in the NHS. They developed Consultants In Therapy in 2013 as they believed that there was limited specialist hand therapy provision within the private sector for individuals suffering from continuing hand related injuries and complex trauma. They also recognised that NHS therapy provision is limited and they wanted to ensure further hand therapy expertise was available to those who required further specialist therapy to ensure the best possible outcome following injury or surgery.

Nicki and Sarah are members of the British Association of Hand Therapists, and therefore have received specialist training. They are also Occupational Therapists and are able to assist you in maximising independence to achieve your goals using therapy tailored to your individual needs.  Sarah qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 1998 and in 2016 Sarah qualified as an Accredited Hand Therapist. Nicki has obtained extensive clinical expertise and experience since qualifying in 1984 as an Occupational Therapist and has a MSc. in Hand Therapy. Sarah and Nicki clinical experience in major trauma and orthopaedics, Plastic Surgery and Musculoskeletal conditions and continue to work within the NHS and private practice. 


BUPA Registered