Scar Management

Any direct assault to the skin through surgery, traumatic injury or a burn results in a scar formation it is part of the healing process. Sometimes skin reacts different it can become raised, highly coloured (red or pink) and very itchy and or painful. All of our treatment methods are non-invasive and include techniques such as scar massage, silicone gel or conformers and or pressure garment therapy. Silicone gel is a topical treatment proven to be beneficial in the treatment of scarring. Pressure garments are elasticated close fitting garments made from lycra they exert pressure onto the scarring. Scars usually respond to treatment in the first year after healing. However, there is no guarantee that every scar will respond to the treatment offered, as some scarring is extremely difficult to change. Consultation with a therapist is required to assess the scar's development and to discuss any previous treatments so that appropriate recommendations can be made before commencing a course of treatment.


Our Occupational Therapists are skilled in helping with the emotional difficulties you may be experiencing as a result of your scars and will provide support and guidance to help you overcome social barriers, embarrassment/loss of confidence or anxiety which you may be facing. Our therapists may signpost you to other services that you may also benefit from.


We offer a reduced rate first clinic based consultation, to discuss if treatment is appropriate for you, to take advantage of this offer please quote ‘scar’ when arranging an appointment.  

Silicon Gel Treatment

Silicone gel is a topical treatment widely used to soften and flatten the scar. The gel may need to be secured with tape or elastic bandage dependent on where your scar is located.

Pressure Threapy

Pressure garments are specialised elasticated items of Lycra clothing that are widely used to treat scarring. The garments need to be worn consistently for many months in order to have an effect on the scar.

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Scar Desentisation
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Some scars can become sensitive and painful due to the nerve ending being caught within the scar tissue. Non-invasive techniques such a desensitisation is a commonly used technique to reduce hypersensitivity which some scarring cause.

Conformers & Tapes

Conformers and tapes are alternative treatments that are available to use to soften and reduce the effects of raised, red scars.


We will discuss the most appropriate treatment for your scars.

In the photographs you can see the improved appearance of the scarring following the conservative treatment techniques one of our clients received. The scar is visibly paler in colour, reduced in height and as a result less painful and sensitive for the client.


any treatment



 treatment application

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