Our Services

Hand & Upper
Limb Rehabilitation

Injuries and conditions of the hand and upper limb can affect all aspects of daily life from self-care, sporting activities, hobbies, and work.   

We are very experienced and are able to assist you in maximising independence to achieve your goals using therapy tailored to your individual needs.  We specialise in upper limb therapy and are members of the British Association of Hand Therapist, and therefore have received specialist training to enhance our skills in this field...

Scar Managemant

Scarring to the body following injury, surgery or burns can have profound effects on an individual’s emotional wellbeing. It can affect confidence self esteem. Our treatment involves non-invasive topical application using scar management techniques.  The treatment assists scars to become more cosmetically acceptable, less painful, itchy and sore...

Vocational &
Ergonomic Services

We provide assessment and treatment of clients who have had upper limb and hand injuries that present the individual with difficulties retaining or returning to employment.

Occupational Therapists offer ergonomic services and vocational those are aimed at enabling individuals to retain and return to work.

Following an assessment, our team will provide a detailed report; outlining recommendations, work adjustments or rehabilitation to become work ready...


Reports for Solicitors


Consultants In Therapy can provide comprehensive assessments and reports for solicitors outlining the difficulties your client is experiencing following your client’s injuries. We can offer a variety of reports which are selected on the needs of each case.

Reports to Supplement PIP Applications


Occupational Therapy reports can be beneficial in helping to support your application when completing your Personal Independence Payment (PIP) application. It's an opportunity for you to talk about how your condition affects you, and also an independent assessment of capacity.