Vocational & Ergonomic Services

Some presenting hand injuries and conditions cause difficulties retaining or returning to employment. 

Occupational Therapists offer ergonomic and vocational services that are aimed at enabling individuals to retain and return to work through:

  • Specific ergonomic assessment

  • The design of a bespoke rehabilitation programmes

  • The design of a phased return plan with employers and employees, Occupational Health and Human Resources

  • Recommendations and referral to other agencies

Following an assessment, our team will provide a detailed report outlining recommendations, work adjustments.

Functional Capacity / Work Assessments

Our Functional Assessments focus on the presenting limitations which could include:

  • Physical fitness

  • Effort testing 

  • A client's perceived level of function

  • Reduced range of movement

  • Difficulties with strength and stamina

  • Difficulties in performing specific work tasks

Work Site and Work Rehabilitation

Our work site visits will require written consent from the employer and the employee. Our therapists will visit the workplace to complete a job task analysis/demands in conjunction with your job description. The assessment will provide detailed information to deliver a bespoke Work Rehabilitation Programme.


Ergonomics is the scientific discipline concerned with understanding the interactions between humans and systems in order to optimise human wellbeing and overall system performance.

Our Ergonomic assessments include:

  • DSE workstation assessment

  • Manual handling assessment

  • Identifcation of health and safety risks and provide solutions to or minimise or avoid risks

Work Rehabilitation & Conditioning

Work Rehabilitation Programmes recommended by our therapists are personalised to the individual's current ability and the job requirements, recommending to the employer reasonable adjustments to the workplace to facilitate you (the client) back to work or maintain in work. 

Work Conditioning Programmes are available to those individuals who aren't currently employed but need to be work-ready. It is also beneficial for those individuals who are employed but require general stamina and strengthening; these treatments may be delivered at home, in the gym or in a clinic setting.